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With all of today’s technology, it is often difficult to get children to focus on learning and schoolwork. Learn then Play (LTP) is a program designed to encourage learning as well as provide a quiet and less distractive homework environment. LTP ensures learning while protecting children. The Learning Desktop is a less distractive learning environment. While in the Learning Desktop, children have access to tools used to complete schoolwork. However, instant messengers, social networking sites, games and other entertainment programs are not available. Once homework has been completed, the child is returned to Windows. LTP also includes incentive based learning that requires learning before allowing the child to “play.” LTP includes child safety and monitoring systems. Parents can control time spent on individual Websites or in specific games or programs. LTP also controls program installation. It includes internet safety, child protection and cyber- bully prevention features. The program also provides a powerful child safety, Internet safety and content control system that has been tested to withstand teenage hackers. Parents can allow or block today’s most popular social networking Websites or can allow or block individual Websites using the system’s online monitoring and control center. LTP analyzes all content that comes in or that goes out of the computer. The program reviews material, conversations and stored files to check for predatory language and questionable content. LTP’s Premium Edition can be set to notify parents as well. LTP’s online monitoring center allows parents to “see” what a child is doing from almost any computer with an Internet connection and Web browser. Chat conversations, keys typed, programs used and Website history is available. Also, parents can issue commands to the child’s computer. Parents can also send messages to child users, set time limits and change settings.

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